Homes for care or residence (HVB) (SoL)

Homes for care or residence (HVB) is a service which provides treatment or is focused on care, support or education.

An HVB can be targeted at children, young people, adults or families with some form of need within the social services' remit of responsibility, for example substance abuse or addiction problems.

The target group may also be unaccompanied minors who are asylum seekers or who have received a residence permit in Sweden.

The scope of the service must be adapted to the individual's needs and background, and be designed so that the stay is perceived as being meaningful. The stay at an HVB is limited in duration.

There must be a supervisor for the service, who is responsible for ensuring that the work is organised so that the individual receives housing, care and treatment and that the service is conducted with good quality and meets safety requirements.

The principal of an HVB may also provide healthcare services in the same premises. However, this care is not included in the authorisation for the HVB.

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Homes for care or residence (HVB)(SoL)

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